Squirrel kyuchek. 

Cheap tricks. Pepa has eaten the wood and she’s well aware of what’s going on. A brilliant example of new-wave chalga disguised as proto-folk.

all-flesh-is-trash said: Феноменален просто. Какво велико дело водиш.

Моята борба.

adidas is a well known brand in Bulgaria and Ivan Dimov really enjoys the hipster outlook even before it becoming an icon. Dance to the beat with your adidas sportswear.

Started from the bottom (bars), Iliyan Mikhov elected to be president of the world’s most prestigious business school - INSEAD Singapore, as reported by Bulgarian media.

This is Johny and he is a happy man. (lyrics)

After 31 days and nights with no sexual encounter one is supposed to see white angels. What those angels do is to wank the victim of this deadly diet off. This story is based on the personal experience of the duo called “South Wind”. “White wind” would have been a more appropriate name though.

Ceco and Joni run an event management organization. They have three simple rules: 1. Everybody can fuck everybody; 2. The music is never loud enough; 3. We are the best;

In the beginning of last summer Toni Dacheva had everything - a black BMW, lots of cash and a few fake Swarovski crystals. At the end of her unforgettable holiday she had her vagina smashed, money spent and BMW stolen. “Fuck it” she sings.

Perfect Audio presents: The Charming Junona who lost her virginity at the age of 12 and she loved it. “Since then I’m in love” she sings.